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  Bonus # 1 – An Apple Ipad 2 (Value – $500) Yours Free! – Sold Out

Yes – when you order Cross Channel Mojo thru our link on this site, you’ll get a Brand New Ipad 2 as part of this incredible bonus package.  Feel free to use this for yourself or as a business gift.

Regardless – this is a fancy toy that everybody loves and again, you’ll get it for free once you invest in Cross Channel Mojo thru our affiliate link



Bonus # 2 – We’ll build Your Very Own Custom Built Mobile Ready Website ( Value $1997) – Sold Out

My team will build your very own website that’s a search engine magnet sucking traffic in like a hoover on roids!  Plus your new website will be mobile ready.

Feel free to use this as your company website for using the Cross Channel Mojo system or for one of your clients.



  Bonus # 3 – We’ll Send 1000 High Quality backlinks to your new website. (Value – $997) – Sold Out

In order to get a website ranked in the search engines, it’s all about having backlinks from high quality websites.  With this bonus, we’ll send you 1000 backlinks to the new site we build for you setting your site up to receive massive traffic.

This way you can focus on the things that are important – working the Cross Channel Mojo System!



  Bonus # 4 – 2 (Two) One on One Coaching Calls with Yours Truly. ( Priceless!)

We’ll hop on the phone or skype for 2 (two) one on one coaching calls to help get you to the next level.  You can use these calls to ask your most pressing questions or to mastermind on how to get more traffic, increase conversions – you name it. These calls are all about you and what you’re looking to do.

These calls will help you with building the proper foundation and getting the most from your potential business.



  Bonus # 5 – Get access to my secret video stash/ and my exclusive plugins. (Value $497) – Sold Out

These plugins will help you take your site to the top of the Search Engines by improving your on page factors.  I use these plugins on all of my sites which is the reason you’re here reading this.

Plus I’ll give you access to my Exclusive video training for generating massive traffic by dominating the search engines.

You can use these techniques for your own clients to see what’s working today and even hand these videos to your virtual assistants to do the work for you.



  Bonus #6 -Bamboo IPad2 Stylus Pen – (Value $29.99) – Sold Out

Not only is this pen cool, but it has tons of uses.  You’ll be able to take notes,  use it to demonstrate key elements, sketch out ideas when meeting with potential clients.

Will integrate with your new Ipad 2.



Sold Out


Follow these simple instructions on how to get your Cross Channel Marketing Mojo bonus package.

  1. Clear your cookies and do not click on any other websites as we must get credited with the sale through our link on this page.
  2. Order through our link by clicking here
  3. Submit your name, phone number, email address, and order number through our contact page. We will contact you within 48 hours to let you know we’ve located your order and when to expect your bonus items.
  4. Once we verify your payment and once the refund period expires we will ship your bonus items.
  5. If you chose the payment plan, all payments must be paid in full before bonuses will be sent.

** Bonus request must be made in 30 days of purchase and must follow the instructions above.  Otherwise bonus will be void.**

Cross Channel Mojo Review

I highly encourage you to check out the newest system from Eben Pagan titled – Guru Product Blueprints. Some of you may be wondering – why cross channel mojo or why cross channel marketing?

In marketing terms, cross channel is using one marketing channel to promote another.  For example, using email marketing to promote your internet business.  In the Cross Channel Mojo system, this is taken even further, by using multiple channels to promote another channel.

The 4 channels of marketing that Mike focuses on are mail, email, social media, and mobile marketing.

Why would you need these different channels to promote anything? 

Mike explains in this first video why some businesses are thriving while most are floundering in this economy.  Our society has moved to a different form of currency.  We are now a relationship and reputation based economy.  In the first prelaunch video, Mike explained that the Cross Channel Mojo system is based on the business model of his father, a small town barber.  He was able to maintain his business because of the relationships he built with people and the reputation he fostered with those people.

That is exactly how any business works in today’s society.  People are leery of who gets their hard earned money, so will only give it someone that they trust.  Because of this, 78% of all consumers will not purchase anything unless they have heard about it from at least 2 different channels.  30% need to hear from at least 3 channels before they will make their decision.

Bottom line is – Cross Channel Mojo gives you the tools to use all 4 marketing channels correctly.

Cross Channel Mojo is based on the premise that emails just don’t get read.

With all of the spam and unsolicited mail being sent through the internet, people are deleting 90% of their emails without even reading them.  Gone are the days of sitting at the computer waiting for new emails.  People don’t want to be tied to their desk.

Consumers don’t have time to sit still for hours, reading emails from people they have never heard of.  They are on the go, taking their phones with them, staying in contact through this handheld lifeline.  No one stops what they are doing anymore to go check their email, but today’s consumer will stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk to read a text message or answer the phone.

Cross Channel Mojo shows you the correct way to take advantage of this.

Because today’s economy is relationship and reputation based, people will read emails from someone that they know and trust.  Cross Channel Mojo makes YOU that person.  It helps you build a relationship with people and builds your reputation with them so they will come to you waiting for that next product or service that you offer.

One specific example Mike uses is Evergreen Webinars.  Evergreen is arguably the most successful webinar software around, but it requires knowledge of 3 other systems, and is a “pain in the butt” to master.  Cross Channel Mojo has taken the best parts of Evergreen and integrated them in.  With this integration, it takes less than 5 minutes to setup an entire webinar campaign, including email reminders, text reminders, and setting up all other facets of attendance.

In closing, Mike is not only giving you the education and system to start getting clients, but also the tools and technology that makes integrating everything a walk in the park.


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